Alleluia Table Tennis Club

We had a great season this year. We will continue the Table Tennis Club Season next year. A special thanks to Chester Andrews and Trish Sanford who made the season possible. 

I am pleased to announce that the Alleluia Table Tennis Club has reached 19 players and mentors. This is exciting and will require a change in our schedule. The lower ranked players will have training and play time from 3:00 – 4:30 on Mondays and the higher ranked players will train and play from 4:30 – 6:00 on Mondays. I know this is somewhat inconvenient but it will allow better training and more playtime for the members. Each week will will reassess the ranking.

I have included the Killerspin Training videos from Youtube for help for our members. Please take a look at the videos. I will include more videos as I watch them and see if they are really helpful. Please feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions for training videos. I recommend a basic defense for beginners as at this level this will be where most points are won. If you are not a beginner then just go to the link above for the full list and find what you want.

    How to hold the racket
    Forehand Counter (Drive)
    How to Serve
    Backhand Counter (Drive)
    Understanding Spin
    Forhand Block
    Backhand Block
    Forehand Push
    Backhand Push

Links:  ITTF Development and Training PlaylistTable Tennis: Coaching Lessons Youtube Playlist by yTutul

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