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Use these books for ideas… Reference Books

These guys can shoot a ping pong ball… Check me out!!!

ROBOTC Online Reference CMU – This is the online reference by Carnegie Mellon University. The bottom link on the left pane is the complete Function List for the EV3. Check this one out and bookmark it in your own browser.

ROBOTC Intermediate Programming Carnegie Mellon U – This is the intermediate programming education for ROBOTC EV3 robotics. It is a course to be gone through rather than a list of instructions or functions. It is a little cumbersome to wade through if you are just looking for a quick answer but a great teaching tool if you have time to learn.

RoboCatz Function Library – This is a good function library to help understand what can be done. It does not work ‘out of the box’ for our bots from what I can see, but is really worth a look.

Storming Robots Packet I – This is a great beginner article for just starting with ROBOTC and pairs nicely with the next link.

Storming Robots Packet II – This is a good reference material for learning the basics of programming including the mathematics and display options. We don’t use that much but need to get better at it.

PID Control Videos (helpful for understanding…) – This is a good set of videos from MATLab on how to do PID control for making turns, et cetera and landing on the value that you are aiming for. Also good for line folowing.


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