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This category is for all things robotics that I choose to post. It will mostly have stuff for ROBOTC and LEGO EV3, though I may post something that pertains to the LEGO Mindstorm Block Language. LEGO EV3 ROBOTC support has been dropped by Carnegie Mellon and RoboMatter.

Controlled Accelleration and Decelleration

#pragma config(Sensor, S1, touch, sensorEV3_Touch) #pragma config(Sensor, S2, gyro, sensorEV3_Gyro) #pragma config(Sensor, S3, color, sensorEV3_Color) #pragma config(Sensor, S4, sonic, sensorEV3_Ultrasonic) #pragma config(Motor, motorB, left, tmotorEV3_Large, PIDControl, encoder) #pragma config(Motor, motorC, right, tmotorEV3_Large, PIDControl, encoder) // resetMotors // Author: Andy Hatfield

Week 04 Example Code

// Program week4Example.c // Author Andy Hatfield // Alleluia Community School // Date Oct 24 2018 // Desc This program is used as a training/example program for ACS Afterschool Robotics Club. // It has functions that move the robot forward,

Forward for Distance, Smooth Accelleration and Decelleration Code for LEGO EV3 in ROBOTC (elliptical algorithm)

Our Robotics Team was having trouble with the robots starting and stopping so quickly that there was wheel slippage. This was effecting our gameplay and likely cost us first place last year. This is the code that was generated to

Robotics ROBOTC References Pages

Use these books for ideas… Reference Books These guys can shoot a ping pong ball… Check me out!!! ROBOTC Online Reference CMU – This is the online reference by Carnegie Mellon University. The bottom link on the left pane is