Learning ROBOTC With Mr. H.

The first thing to do is to get your robot ready for ROBOTC. In order to do that we will assume that the EV3 is ‘Bricked.’ Follow the steps in this presentation.
Robotics Week 01 (I Bricked My EV3)

The next thing we are going to do is to learn how to make a simple program and use the display on the EV3.
Robotics Week 02 (Getting Started Using the Display)

Now it is time to get those motors running. This is the first of several presentations that will be about motor control and sensors. Much of our competition and challenges will involve motor and sensor control.
Robotics Week 03 (Beginning Wheel Control)

Week 4 is about learning to use the motors with functions to increase the readability and functionality of your code. This is necessary so that we can begin to reuse code rather that copy and paste over and over and over and over… again.
Robotics Week 04 (Functions and Reusable Code)
Example Code for Week 4

Week 5 is about learning to use the sensors to control the robot. Sensors covered include the Gyro, Touch, Ultrasonic and Color. There is way more to using the sensors than I will cover in this lesson, but this will give you a taste of what is possible and get you started.
Robotics Week 05 (Sensors)
Example code for week 5

Week 6 is about line following. Very basic, since that is the assignment and you need to figure some of it out on your own.
Robotics Week 06 (Line Follower)
Example Code