Useful Links for Classes

2018-2019 Planbooks Links
7th Grade Math – Assignment is Homework unless noted.
8th Grade World History – Assignment is Homework unless noted.
Algebra I (9th Grade) – Assignment is Homework unless noted.
Boys Bible – This is mostly informational.
Music Ministry – This is mostly informational.
Physical Education – Look here to decide on what shoes or equipment to bring for the day.
Robotics – This is the likely plan for the day.

Older Links that may still be useful:
Computer Skills – GFC Learn Free Computer Basics CourseComputer Programming @ Khan AcademyLearning about HTML/CSS/JavaScript… Publishing @ W3Schools, Microsoft Word 2010 Tutorials, Basic Powerpoint 2010, Tutorials, Excel 2010 Tutorials by Microsoft, GFC Learn Free Excel

Earth ScienceThe Scale of Large and Small @ Khan Academy, Summer Questions (No Answers), Summer Questions (With Answers), Latitude and Longitude (One Direction), Sun-Earth-Moon-Mobile, Introduction to Astronomy

ChemistryNames and Symbols Flash Cards, Names and Symbols ListChemistry @ Khan Academy, Chemistry Matters @ GPB

Algebra IISummer Prep Worksheet, Algebra @ Khan, Discovering Advanced Algebra Website